The very popular and beneficial clothing frame is made to suite the human body structure, especially the human shoulders. This simple device which was developed long time ago was important at storing and carrying clothing from one place to another. The first of its kind made was known to be of wire. This apparatus had a very simple triangular shape that had a loop of wire that connected to a hook at one end. However this simple design has now been developed and refined to the modern versions we see in the market today. Let’s look at some of the popular versions out there and their advantages and disadvantages.

Wire frames: these are widely used by dry cleaners and are mostly affordable. However they are not suitable for everyday use as they can leave rust marks and unsightly creases on the clothing. Dry cleaners have no problem with them as they often replace the clothes hangers Sydney. But if you use them at home for longer periods of time, chances are you will damage your clothing. They can also go out of shape when you hang heavy clothing on them. Plastic frames: the best advantage is that they are low in cost and come in a variety of colours and styles. The plastic surface is also easy to clean and will not collect mold or any rust therefore they are high in demand. They are very useful for hanging lighter clothing such as blouses and tops. They can also be used to hang clothes to dry. However they can break when used to hang heavier material and is not very environmentally friendly. They are also not long lasting and can lose its form and shape making them not suitable for long term use.

Wooden frames: these hangers are sturdy and long lasting and can easily hold the shape and form of many heavy clothing items such as blazers and gowns. They are important for clothing that requires a particular shape like the pant suits. The sturdy frame can really carry the shoulders and collars well for a longer period of time. They are also environmentally friendly and have an aesthetic appeal, which makes them very popular in domestic as well as in the hospitality trade. Some wood types such as cedar are known to have properties that repel moths. The disadvantage is that they can be comparatively costly and not affordable for many. They can also get damaged or cracked if wet. Apart from these satin and velvet hangers are also popular, although their range of use is very limited. As you can see the three most popular versions have their own unique characteristics, which make them useful in different settings.